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The Climate Generation is now.
We will be defined by what we do, or don't do, to fight climate change.

Our Story

1. Welcome to the Climate Generation

The future will be defined by what we do, or don’t, in the fight against climate change


4. But, the industry is entering turmoil

Increased renewables, mass electrification, and extreme weather will drive massive volatility


2. Climate needs electrification 

 The world must become electric, and it must be powered by clean energy


5. We need a better
power company

We need companies who can steer us through the complexity ahead while fighting for what’s important


3. The power industry
is society's backbone 

We will need to rely on the power industry even more as the backbone of society


6.  Introducing
Equilibrium Energy

We’re building the clean power company the Climate Generation deserves

Leadership Team

the team

Equilibrium is composed of deeply knowledgeable industry experts across all our functions. We thrive on combining our experiences in holistic and novel ways, to achieve global scale and climate impact.

EQ All Company Photo - August 23, 2022_edited.webp
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